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    Yes, we know there is no true starvation mode, i.e. your body can never outrun a caloric deficit. What we do know, is that your body will make metabolic adaptions to combat a caloric deficit. Perhaps, your bmr will decrease, or your body will become more efficient at burning calories through activity (thus burning less calories for the same activity than when you began your cut).

    Now, a lot of times these issues only affect those dieting down to contest leanness. However, any deficit will cause metabolic adaptations (however slight they may be). Any prolonged cut will see more drastic issues.

    I wanted to consolidate some of the information I have come across on this topic in one thread.

    Just note, when I say Metabolic issues I mean anything that could be affecting one’s tdee, includes hormonal issues and what not.

    General Metabolic Rate info

    LBM Maintenance & Metabolic Slowdown

    Permanent Damage

    Permanent damage follow up

    Layne speaking directly about metabolic damage.

    Berto speaking of maintaining low bf levels, which I believe is relevant.

    Eric Helms discussing the subject. There are 6 parts to this Q & A, I definitely recommend watching them all, but it would be redundant for me to link them all imo.

    Helms speaking of refeeds and carb ups.

    This should be a good start for most of you.

    Please note: Most dieters will not be suffering from metabolic slowdown to a degree where it will sabotage their weight loss efforts. The most common cause of weight loss stalling is inaccurate calorie counting (or inaccurate estimations of one’s maintenance, thus leading to a small or non existent caloric deficit). Please do not use this thread as an excuse. Make sure you’re counting is accurate. The information here is great for everyone, but using metabolic slowdown as the sole reason of one’s stalled weight loss is likely to be a last resort.

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