Back in the mid 60’s -80’s a few artisan SA master frame builders thrived on crafting hand-made steel-frame bicycles. This movement was strong and created some of the world’s most exceptional boutique bicycles.

Riding your own masterpiece we ride up Africa’s most historic & iconic mountain pass: Chapman’s Peak. Feeling connected to the tar through years of history on your own vintage SA handmade racer, we will tempo up the pinnacle where we will take in the amazing views.

From R900 per person

Available until 3 February 2022


Dubbed the Trail network Mecca of the South, this is Proper mountain biking in Cape Town’s national park.
With your Pro safely guiding you, you will climb tough loose terrain, to a series of single tracks that are flowing yet challenging. Depending on skill level we can hit the berms and float over the table tops or hammer the technical downhill tracks, with your Pro coaching all the way, this experience will leave you filled with adrenaline and views of the Cape like no other.
This singletrack experience has something for every MTB’er whether you are an Elite Mountain Goat who loves to climb or the Enduro Rat this experience will tick all boxes. Experiences are tailored for each individual’s skills and fitness level with all equipment supplied.
Other things to note
Need to have experience Mountain biking/ Offroad riding. Bring comfortable riding clothes (chamois padded pants, lightweight riding top, warmer top), &sports shoes or clip in shoes (tell us what pedals needed). If my dates/times, don’t suit you plz contact me and will make a plan to accommodate you!

From R1 500 per person

Available until 14 February 2022


We’ll meet at an Iconic surf shop to talk SA’s surfing history & modern day board shapes. Then kit you with best surf equipment. Wind, tide & swell dependent you will get to surf the best local surf breaks on the day for your skill level. Local knowledge plays a huge part. Whether we hit the Atlantic or Indian ocean, there is a plethora of epic breaks & I’ll help uncover something for all persons
Other things to note
This experience is for all levels of surfing. Bring towels and bag, hat, sunscreen and a smile!

From R1 140 per person

Available until 3 February 2022


Riding off the beaten track on dedicated trails directly under Table Mountain. This off-road route meanders through the National Park under the tower mountain, requiring special access permits and offering vantage points few tourists get to see. Although not very technical, the moderately challenging ride climbs some steep gravel sections and are sure to crack a sweat. Along the way, we will stop at some breathtaking hidden locations high up on the mountain. I’ll share coaching tips and we’ll break for a beverage and snacks at a historic fort before descending towards the setting sun.
Other things to note: You need to be comfortable on a mountain bike. Bring comfortable riding clothes (chamois-padded pants, lightweight fast-drying top, warmer top) & sport shoes.

From R1 200 per person

Available until 3 February 2022